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History of the Concord Ambassadors


  The Concord Ambassadors was founded in October of  1974   as a  result of two cable TV executives meeting at a conference   and  becoming friends. Court Kirkeeng of Concord and 
  Dr. Zenji Katagata of  Kitakami persuaded their city leaders to   approve the Sister City relationship and  enlisted the help of       other citizens to make the partnership work.

  Official Exchanges:   For each five year anniversary of the       relationship there has been a delegation visiting the Sister City
  led by the Mayor and city officials, Ambassador members and
  interested citizens. The  two cities alternate the five-year
  official visits.  

   See the 40th Anniversary visit to Concord - 2014

   In 2010 we participated in the San Francisco Bay Area
   Japan - America
 See it here

  See the Photo Gallery below for photos from various visits.

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View our Video Presentation
to the Concord City Council - October 13, 2008

Other Exchanges:
In January 2001, nineteen students from Kitakami, from 5 to 16 years of age came with their parents, to stage a full production of the "Wizard of Oz" in English. The Concord Ambassadors arranged for more than 15 local families to welcome these visitors into their homes.  This impressive presentation and homestays widened the circle of friendship between our cities.

   These exchanges increase our understanding of the culture      and  history of each country and create the opportunity for      developing  lasting friendships.


  In August of 2003, six certified "Young Ambassadors"         along with  representatives from the Concord Ambassadors     visited Kitakami. We  were welcomed into the homes of our     Kitakami friends and  participated in the summer kendo           classes at the local high school.


  The Concord Ambassadors welcome members who are           interested in  the Japanese culture and desire to support an     international exchange  between the Sister Cities of Kitakami   and Concord

The hospitality is gracious, and the memories will last a lifetime. Friendships continue to strengthen through e-mail, telephone and additional international visits.

 1975 - Visit to Kitakami Celebrating the Establishment of the Sister City Program

 Concord Mayor Richard LaPointe with Kitakami Mayor Goro Saito 

- 20th Anniversary Visit to Concord
 Concord Mayor Mike Pastrick and Former Mayor Dan Helix with Kitakami Mayor Moriyoshi Takahashi
 Mayor Takahashi and Kitakami Chamber of Commerce President  Akira Ito
 1999 - 25th Anniversary Visit to Kitakami                  
 Concord Mayor Mike Pastrick
 with Kitakami Mayor Akira Ito

 2004 - 30th Anniversary Visit to Concord          
 Kitakami Mayor Akira Ito

 2009 - 35th Anniversary Visit to Kitakami

 Former Concord Mayor Mike Pastrick
 Sister City Founder Zenji Katagata
 Kitakami Mayor Akira Ito

 April 27, 2011 - Kitakami City Hall
 Newly Elected Mayor Toshihiko Takahashi with
 Retiring Mayor Akira Ito