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Supporting the Sister City relationship between 

Kitakami, Japan and Concord, California

The Concord Ambassadors
is an all-volunteer organization which maintains the sister city relationship between Kitakami, Japan and Concord, California.  

We're dedicated to promoting mutual exchanges in the fields of education, culture, social affairs and economics. We encourage personal and business relationships between both individuals and groups.

For 40 years there has been a steady flow of visitors between the two cities enjoying the opportunity for "home stay" visits and culture exchange.

see our
1,000 Cranes for Japan

March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
web page here

see our

October 2009 Japan Tour
35th Sister City Anniversary

Visit our Trip Web Page Here

10,000 Cranes for Japan
Commemorating Concord's response to the disastrous 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Created from over 10,000 origami cranes folded by our community as symbols of hope for Japan's recovery

Dedicated to our Sister City
Kitakami, Japan

See our 10,000 Cranes for Japan

October 1 – 5, 2014
40th Anniversary
Sister City Visit

Sister City Monument in Kitakami, Japan

Event Calendar


General Meeting

3rd Tuesday; 6:30pm, Concord City Hall - Permit Center

Conference Room


Support Concord's Adopt-A-Street Program


Semi-Annual General Membership Dinner

Diablo Taiko video (click here)
Celebrating the
10,000 Cranes for Japan 

The Communion Bridge sculpture
is located in the
Japanese Friendship Garden
at the Concord Civic Center
and spans the distance to our

Sister City - Kitakami, Japan

for more information:

Contact us at  


The Concord Ambassadors, Inc. is organized as a non-profit public charity under 
IRS codes 501 (c)(3) and 509 (a)(2).  
Our Federal Tax ID is 68-0193789. 
Our California Corp. ID is C1669308. 


Kitakami, Japan   Concord, California